'Dark Knight' Shooter Upstairs Neighbor: I Never Saw Him

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'Dark Knight' Shooter Upstairs Neighbor: I Never Saw Him

James Holmes tragically opened fire at a movie theater in Colorado during a screening of “The Dark Knight Rises” last night and now the shooters apartment complex and five nearby complexes due to fear that his apartment was booby-trapped.

Deputy Fire Chief Chris Henderson tells Hollyscoop that they have found flammable and explosive materials inside his apartment that appear to be very sophisticated explosives. Bottles filled with liquids surround the door and FBI agents and police used a hook and ladder fire truck to put a camera at the end of a 12-foot-pole to peer inside Holmes apartment.

So far, “no bomb squad has been called in yet,” says Henderson but as police work to disarm the devices, the apartment dwellers have been evacuated.

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“Police came knocking on the door,” says Michelle Thuis, neighbor to James Holmes tells Hollyscoop, “he lives just two floors above me, there are only 12 units in the complex.”

Michelle says that no one suspected anything strange about Holmes’ behavior, “Nobody really noticed anything or saw anything strange…I never saw him.”

Michelle admitted that she has only lived in the complex for two months, but she was his downstairs neighbor, “He lives just two floors above me…there are only 12 units in the complex.”

Holmes entered a screening of the Batman flick last night and about 15 minutes into the film, 24-year-old James Holmes started firing at moviegoers in the theater.

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The saddest part is that audience members thought it was a planned stunt in connection with the film.

13 people have died and 38 others are injured. James Holmes is currently in custody.

His own family has released the following statement,
“Out hearts go out to those who were involved in this tragedy and family and friends to those involved…we are still trying to process this information and we hope people will respect our privacy.”

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