'Dark Knight' Alleged Shooter James Holmes Behaves Oddly In Court

July 23, 2012 By:
'Dark Knight' Alleged Shooter James Holmes Behaves Oddly In Court

The world caught their first glimpse of alleged mass murderer James Holmes, the only suspect in the Aurora, CO theater massacre, at his initial court appearance Monday morning.

Matching the orange headed Joker-esque description released by police, Holmes sat in court dressed in a red jumpsuit and was either genuinely messed up, or doing his best impression of someone being, well, genuinely messed up.

With his head nodding, eyes rolling around and wildly blinking at times, Holmes did not seem to be fazed by what was happening in front of him, but almost totally oblivious to it as he appeared to struggle with consciousness.

James Holmes to Police: I'm the Joker

Whether it was legit behavior or a dramatic interpretation of what’s rumored to be his pending claim of insanity remains unknown.

The media coverage inside the courtroom was limited and the video pool feed was a bit spotty, leaving out some details, but the gist of the hearing is as follows:

This was just a preliminary hearing as the prosecutors asked for another week to continue to gather evidence and file formal charges. The next hearing will take place Monday, July 30.


In the meantime, Holmes will remain in custody without bail and has been forbidden from contacting any of the victims or their families.

He will also be given mandatory protection while in custody and public defenders will be assigned to his case.

There will be first degree murder charges, among others, including attempted murder in regards to his heavily booby trapped apartment.

Explosives Detonated in Dark Knight Suspected Shooters Apartment

There was discussion about somehow limiting pretrial publicity, preserving the crime scene and requests for expanded media coverage, which would mean that this case would not be tried in a closed court.

Following the court hearing, Arapahoe County District Attorney Carol Chambers held a press conference outside the courthouse and stated that prosecutor have not yet decided if they will pursue the death penalty.

In addition, prosecutors believe it will take up to a year before Holmes is brought to trial for his alleged crimes.

So basically, more details will follow next week, but this was the world's first glimpse, of many, of this notorious young man responsible for so much unwarranted devastation.