Vivica A. Fox to Host the Cougar

February 4, 2009 By:
Vivica A. Fox to Host the Cougar

Vivica A. Fox has a new gig! And no, she’s not the new face of Psychic Friends. Earlier this week, a video featuring a woman that looked eerily like Vivica leaked on the web, leading the public to believe she had been hit pretty hard by the recession if she was taking a job like that!

But it ended up not being her, and isn’t it ironic that news broke today of her brand new hosting gig! Vivica will be hosting The Cougar on TV Land, which will be a one-hour elimination dating series. It’s an eight-episode series in which “accomplished, beautiful, and sexy women” hunt for love from a pool of eligible men. Cue the cougar noise!

Vivica is excited to be hosting the show, saying, "This show will prove to be empowering and enlightening for women everywhere. Plus, 20 hot guys gathered under one roof doesn't hurt!"

TV Land is equally as excited about having a cougar of their own host their new show. President Larry Jones says, "Vivica is a pop culture celebrity who uniquely connects with our audience and whose distinctive style and sense of humor will help TV Land deliver on our promise to create entertaining programs that reflect the lifestyles and tastes of our viewers. I'm thrilled that she will take viewers on our Cougar's romantic journey."

Vivica’s got a lot going on right now! She’s also set to appear in this season of Curb Your Enthusiasm as Larry David’s new houseguest. You won’t want to miss that!!