Movie Review: "The Bucket List"

January 31, 2008 By:
Movie Review:

I enjoyed this film. Sadly, after I saw it, I went home and checked
what other critics had to say about it -like I always do- and to my
amusement, they hated it! "...terminally awful dramedy...,"
"superficial, manipulative, and schmaltzy...," "...strangely
emotionless..." Are these people serious? This is why I love writing
these "Criticizing the Critics" articles. Because I completely
disagree, and I truly mean "completely." It definitely wasn't
emotionless, it was not in any way awful... and superficial!... That's
just ridiculous.

Corporate billionaire Edward Cole (no filmography necessary, Jack
) and mechanic Carter Chambers (also no filmography needed,
Morgan Freeman) find themselves sharing a single hospital room, after
the both of them are told that they have been diagnosed with a terminal
illness. As Edward arrives -to his own hospital- he notices Carter
(this stranger) in the bed next to him. Edward, annoyed that he has to
abide by his own hospital rules, asks his assistant Thomas (Sean Hayes,
Will and Grace) to do something about it. Edward continues to complain,
ultimately to no avail. With nothing left to do, Edward and Carter
begin to communicate, mostly around the times Carter is not watching
Jeopardy, and annoyingly answering every question asked correctly.
After a short time spent together, both their situations begin to get
worse. Worried that neither have long to live, Carter begins making a
list, in which he titles "The Bucket List." This "Bucket List" consists
of all the things that a person would want to do before they die. After
Carter nearly trashes the "List," Edward finds the crumpled piece of
paper on the floor, and convinces Carter that they should follow it.
Carter, not knowing initially how wealthy Edward is, agrees to the
"List," thus beginning the trip of a lifetime for the both of them. In
the process, as they one by one cross everything off the list, a
friendship ensues. A bond that ultimately helps the both of them with
the most important part of their existence... "find the joy in life."

I recently became aware that most critics are not big fans of Rob
Reiner films. This baffles me! Mr. Reiner has been in the game for a
long time, and even though, he has had some flops, the man is
responsible in directing the greatest romantic comedy of all time, "The Princess Bride." If anyone disagrees with this, I will never take
anything you say about a film seriously. Now, after I mention that I
did enjoy "The Bucket List" and the wonderful acting by both Nicholson and Freeman, all that is left for me to do is remind you all how great of a run Mr. Reiner has had as a director... "This Is Spinal Tap,"
"Stand By Me," "The Princess Bride," "When Harry Met Sally," "Misery,"
"A Few Good Men," "The American President," "The Story of Us," and
finally "The Bucket List," to name a few. I will give credit where
credit is due, and this film deserves the credit that most critics
failed to give it.

Pat the Movie Critic gives "The Bucket List" --- 3 Scoops.