Movie Review: "The Bank Job"

March 14, 2008 By:
Movie Review:

Who would have guessed that Bacon from "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking
Barrels," or Turkish from "Snatch" would turn out to be one of the
hardest working actors in Hollywood. Jason Statham is the real deal,
and he is quite good at what he does. Three movies in 2007, one already
completed in 2008 with another on the way, as well as, three more
announced for 2009. Statham is on the right road, and if he continues
on this path, all that's left for the British actor is superstardom.
His latest film, "The Bank Job" was surprisingly entertaining, clever,
slick, and wildly enjoyable. "The Bank Job" may be my favorite film
from acclaimed director Roger Donaldson, who has films such as
"Cocktail," "Cadillac Man," "Species," "Thirteen Days," "The Recruit,"
and "The World's Fastest Indian" under his belt.

Based on a true story, Ex-villain and criminal Terry Leather (Statham)
is a car dealer who is doing the best he can to leave his crooked past
behind him and start anew.  With a wife and daughters to take care of,
along with friends who help around the dealership, Terry seems to be on
the right track. Until, an old friend Martine Love (the beautiful and
talented Saffron Burrows) maneuvers herself back into Terry's life.
Martine offers Terry a foolproof lead for a bank heist on London's
famous Baker Street. Already in trouble with some criminals he owes
money to, Terry can't resist. Gathering a group of people that he knows
and trusts, Terry begins planning the robbery. Ready for the heist, the
gang breaks into the banks vault, stealing cash and jewelry from
multiple safety deposit boxes. Only after the heist does Terry, along
with the others, realize that they were being used to steal something
that is far more valuable than money or jewelry. Now, these dirty
secrets that were supposed to be hidden away have resurfaced. And with
it, Terry finds himself stuck in the middle of corruption, scandal, and
a deadly game of cat and mouse.

"The Bank Job" was all I wanted it to be. The thrill was there, the
drama was there, the comic relief was present, and the acting from all
involved was superb. Saffron Burrows is great. She is charming,
beautiful, and captivating. Her back and forth with Statham is
memorable. They both have this passion that is hard to find in most of
these bank robbery films. Now don't get me wrong, it was no "Dog Day
Afternoon," or "Inside Man," but it had so much more to offer than the
other crappy films they attempt to dish out in the genre. I recommend
every movie fan to go see "The Bank Job"... Horrible title, wonderful

Pat the Movie Critic gives "The Bank Job" ---- 3 1/2 Scoops