Tenley: Feeling Good About Jake's Decision

March 2, 2010 By:
Tenley: Feeling Good About Jake's Decision

While the entire country continues to wonder why Bachelor Jake Pavelka picked Vienna, runner-up Tenley isn't crying about not getting that final rose. She talked with Bonnie Hunt in an interview that airs Thursday, and said she's "feeling good and ready to see what's next."

She tells Bonnie, "I think it is actually an OK thing that I am here today in this position," Molzahn says of being single. "If he was in love with both of us, really in love with us, if he was saying 'I do love you' to me at the same day he told Vienna, 'I love you, will you marry me" ... I think I am in a good position because I don't want to be someone's second."

Today Bachelor host Chris Harrison talked with Ryan Seacrest on his radio show about this interesting season of the show. Like most, he didn't expect Jake to pick Vienna. But Chris has seen this scenario play out numerous times in the past, and knows it's best to stay out of the drama.

"Who are we to say that they don't deserve each other and aren't happy?"Harrison said this morning. But he added, "If this was put up to popular vote, Vienna would not be the girl. Jake did what was best for him ... I am proud and appreciative of that. In the end, he really fought like hell for Vienna and maybe that goes to show how in love he is with her."

We feel bad that Tenley doesn't have the chance to be the bachelorette now! But we're sure she'll be scooped up in no time by a great guy.