ABC's New 'Bachelor' Revealed

September 25, 2012 By:
ABC's New 'Bachelor' Revealed

Hang on to your heels, ladies, the newest available stud to star on The Bachelor has been announced.

ABC has released the name of the man to be featured in the 17th season of the reality series. It's official... Sean Lowe is the man for the job.

The report comes after fans and blogs have been speculating about who would fit the role best with some going as far as to name Ryan Lochte as their number one choice. (Which – by the way – would have been awesome!)

Along with the Sean Lowe announcement, a full list of this season’s contestants with pictures is listed on ABC's site.

Lowe rose to fame during the last season of “The Bachelor’s” sister show “The Bachelorette.” The spiky-haired dreamboat wound up as one of Emily Maynard’s top choices, making it all the way to a top three.

Despite being described by Emily as the "perfect man," Sean wasn’t dreamy enough… He fell short of Utah entrepreneur, Jef Holm.

Our heart’s collectively broke when Emily seemed to changed her mind last minute.

"I was standing at that rose ceremony thinking I was going to marry her," Lowe previously told People.

According to the press release, Sean is looking for a one-time deal in his next relationship, as someone who "wants to propose once, be married once and live a faithful family life."

In case you aren’t caught up on your “Bachelor” trivia, Sean is a 28-year-old businessman and entrepreneur from Dallas.

A list of his favorite things reads: "camping, wakeboarding, dancing, outdoor activities, attending concerts and doing just about anything with his two dogs, Lola and Ellie."

A true all-America, Sean's aspirations are to be a good husband and supportive father.

The new season of “The Bachelor” has already begun production and is set to hit the small screen starting January of 2013.