The Biggest Summer Movies of All Time

June 24, 2012 By:
The Biggest Summer Movies of All Time

Sunburns, barbeques, and beer in red Solo cups… Ahhhh, summertime…

But summertime isn’t just a song that Kenny Chesney sings on the plaza for the “Today” show. It’s also a season. And with that season comes big pay outs to even bigger movie studios.

We’re talking about you, Marvel… You and your gold plated shockwave of a blockbuster The Avengers….

With all the gossip blog, headline news, and random comicbook geek chatter about this super hero flick, you may have guessed this film has already broke all sorts of records.

The government practically had to print more money just to keep up with the film’s opening weekend demand. Starting May 4th, The Avengers earned a total of $200.3 million in domestic sales alone within the three days, which as we calculated out earlier is about $46K every 60 seconds.

Having a budget barely over that opening week number, I highly doubt anyone will argue as to whether or not The Avengers was worth the investment.

The Avengers’ stomping weekend has helped the film nearly climb to the top of the list of the Biggest Summer Blockbusters Ever. It currently sits in second place behind the 2009 Star Trek remake.

But, with a whole lot of summer still to come, there’s no doubt that The Avengers will top this list soon.

Based on the numbers provided by Box Office Mojo, here are the highest grossing films ever between the first Friday of May through the conclusion of Labor Day weekend.

1) Star Trek – 2009: $1,687.7 mil (Budget - $46 mil)

2) The Avengers – 2012: $1,655.7 mil (Budget - $220 mil)

3) Iron Man – 2008: $1,650.3 mil (Budget - $220 mil)

4) The Hangover Part II – 2011: $1,608.9 mil (Budget - $80 mil)

5) The Matrix Reloaded – 2003: $1,588.7 mil (Budget - $150 mil)

6) Spider-Man – 2002: $1,541.9 mil (Budget - $139 mil)

7) Spider-Man 3 – 2007: $1,509.1 mil (Budget - $258 mil)

8) Shrek 2 – 2004: $1,493.7 mil (Budget - $150 mil)

9) Iron Man 2 – 2010: $1,487.9 mil (Budget - $200 mil)

10) X Men: The Last Stand – 2006: $$1,400.2 mil (Budget - $210 mil)