'The Avengers' In Your Face With Record Breaking Weekend

May 7, 2012 By:
'The Avengers' In Your Face With Record Breaking Weekend

Well, we know what a lot of you did this weekend...

Marvel’s The Avengers stomped into theaters on Friday, smashing all sorts of weekend records. If you were one of the many who bought a ticket, you contributed to setting a record for the film as best debuting film in the US... ever!

Walt Disney Studios announced today that Avengers has made a dense $200.3 million in the domestic box offices so far. That’s approximately $66.8 million a day (over $46,000 a minute) during May 4-6.

With the record setting opening weekend, Avengers is the fastest movie ever to make $200 million. The film also scored the second highest date rate of $80.5 million on Friday and best Saturday performance ever with $69.7 million.

Besides money, moviegoers gave the film a rarely seen A+ on CinemaScore, but director Joss Whedon and Marvel Studios probably didn’t notice because they were too busy high-fiving each other over all the money pouring in.

Internationally, the film has already grossed a Tyrannosaurus-sized $641.8 million so far, and the film is only been out for 12 days!

To put that number in perspective, let’s talk about Titanic – you heard of this film, no? With two releases (one regular, one 3D) and twelve years to sink in, James Cameron’s love story to the ship has “only” grossed just over $2 billion. Avengers is already over a quarter of the way there.

With this much money flying around, there is plenty of funding for sequels.

Another Thor film is prepping for a November of 2013 release, followed by sequel to 2011’s Captain America: The First Avenger on deck for April of 2014. There have also been rumblings of a solo Hulk film, now that star Mark Ruffalo has signed his sole away for six more films.

The Avengers is in theaters now. Be a Good Samaritan and go see it. They could really use the money.