Terrence Howard Thinks Golden Globe Belongs to Heath Ledger

December 11, 2008 By:
Terrence Howard Thinks Golden Globe Belongs to Heath Ledger

Now that award show season is underway and the Golden Globes have been announced, everybody is buzzing about Heath Ledger and his superb performance in The Dark Knight.

This morning the late Australian actor received a posthumous Golden Globes nomination in the Best Supporting Actor category for his acclaimed performance as the Joker in the latest Batman flick.

Hollyscoop was at the 66th Annual Golden Globe announcement ceremony this morning, where we caught up with actor Terrence Howard after he announced the nominees.

When asked if Howard thought Ledger would win the Golden Globe he said, “I'm sure he will. Even if someone else won in his category, if I had won in that category, I would give it to his family because he truly had the best performance.

"He gave more than I have seen any other actor give, he brought a new light. How do you step into Jack Nicholson’s shoes? How do you do that and stretch that? He stretched Jack Nicholson’s shoes,” he told Hollyscoop.

The Golden Globe nominations are generally a prediction of who will be nominated for the Oscars, so with Heath in the running for Best Supporting Actor, does that mean he'll be in the race for Best Supporting Actor at the Academy Awards as well? “Oh Yes,” insisted Howard.

If Ledger does win, then he will be the second posthumous Oscar-winner after Peter Finch, who triumphed in 1976 for his iconic role in "Network." Do you think Heath deserves the Golden Globe and even an Oscar for his role as the Joker?