Teresa Giudice Forgets Bankruptcy, Spends $60k During Shopping Spree

August 17, 2010 By:
Teresa Giudice Forgets Bankruptcy, Spends $60k During Shopping Spree

The bankruptcy court is miffed at Teresa Giudice, a star on the hit reality television show Real Housewives of New Jersey. Apparently she spent $60,000 during a shopping spree despite the financial trouble that she is going through.

Teresa is obviously very smart when it comes to finances. It is ingenious of her to tack on $60,000 to the money she and her husband owe to creditors. Teresa and Joe (her husband) are going through a court battle regarding the $11 million they owe to creditors. And if they are going to go down in flames why not go down in style?

You may wonder what the $60,000 was spent on. Nothing frivolous at all; the spree resulted in curtains, wall hangings, mirrors, frames, tables, urns and chairs. The creditors who are trying to sell the couple’s house in order to recoup some of the they are owed should recognize that all those decorations will make the house more appealing to buyers, and results in the creditors getting more of their money back from the proceeds of the sale.

See? Everyone is happy. The clever financier, Teresa, gets to flaunt her financial know-how, and the creditors get a nicer house to show.