Teen Mom Amber Charged With Felony

November 18, 2010 By:
Teen Mom Amber Charged With Felony

Some of these Teen Mom chicks are straight up psycho!

First lets get past the fact that they got pregnant before they could even buy cigarettes and scored a reality show from it, and move onto the fact that most of them are bat shit crazy.

Teen Mom Salaries Revealed

Teen Mom Amber Portwood pretty much leads the dysfunctional pack, and it looks like she's setting quite the example for the other girls. According to our pals at Hollywood Life, she was officially charged with two felony counts and one misdemeanor for domestic violence and battery after she beat her baby daddy Gary.

The two incidents related to the felony charges occurred Aug. 14, 2009, and July 18, 2010, while the misdemeanor incident (in which Leah was not present) occurred June 14, 2010, reports HL.

She basically kicked, slapped, chocked and punched Gary in their home while the MTV cameras were rolling. She's not only violent, she's plain stupid. Thanks to the unaired footage, prosecutors were able to formally charge her.