WTF: Amanda Bynes' "Incest Face," Britney Spears Does the Walk of Shame

March 15, 2013 By:
WTF: Amanda Bynes'

Choo-choo! The Newly-Wigged Amanda Bynes Crazy Locomotive Express Train to Whackyville makes a quick stop to the Mass Confusion Station with another offbeat tweet: "He's Rocking That Incest Face". [Twitter]

Britney Spears did an afternoon walk of shame wearing a floral dress twice within a 48-hour span. [Hollyscoop]

Speaking of double takes—blast from the past-ies! Remember when Britney Spears was the super cool girl with a cordless phone landline that could get you bouncing all over the world wide web? The Information Super Highway? The AOL chatroomz? Now you do in this flashback video from 1999. [YouTube]

It's the funniest Taylor Swift dig in recent memory from the most unlikely place. What is "Jeopardy!", Alex? [Hollyscoop]

Elton John's obsession? Bobble-headed pups. Singer Ed Sheeran witnessed the grisly room of Elton's plastic pooches nodding to infinity in the flesh. [Contactmusic]

Victoria Beckham's kids are one inari roll away from mercury poisoning because her children have very fine taste, naturally. They are obsesssssssssed with sushi. [FemaleFirst]

Charlie Sheen wants you to take the high road and throw poop at an elementary school. [Hollyscoop]