Taylor Swift Cuts Her Hair, World Freaking Out

February 12, 2014 By:
Taylor Swift Cuts Her Hair, World Freaking Out
Image By: Instagram

If you’ve been on the Internet today, chances are you’ve heard that Taylor Swift cut her hair.

It’s apparently a BIG deal because EVERYONE with an Instagram wants you to know about it.


Ellie Goulding broke the news about Taylor’s new hair with this pic:


But in case you don’t follow Ellie on Instagram, Cara Delevingne ALSO let us know about Taylor’s new hair.


Oh, but if you would rather hear the hair news from Taylor herself, she’s also got you covered:

But maybe you don’t think ENOUGH people have heard about the new look?


It’s okay, because Taylor apparently invited about 25 people to come witness HER HAIRCUT!


Us Weekly is asking its readers to VOTE on which length of hair they like the best!


The rest of the Internet is also reporting on the BREAKING HAIR NEWS with nearly identical headlines!


E! News even suggests that she was “inspired by Shirley Temple!”



There are 2,458 Facebook comments on the picture of her new hair…

Well, as short-haired girls love to say… SHORT HAIR, APPARENTLY EVERYONE WILL CARE!