Why Taylor Swift’s Fans Are Officially Turning on Her

August 19, 2014 By:
Why Taylor Swift’s Fans Are Officially Turning on Her
Image By: Wenn/Hollyscoop

Taylor Swift made a big announcement yesterday: She premiered her brand new single while simultaneously dropping a flashy music video for it.

The song “Shake It Off” was also accompanied with a photo of the album cover. The album's name is 1989. All that is nice and welcome to fans—because what fans don’t want new material from their favs to be slayyyyyed with?—but this stuff is also being touted by her team as Taylor’s first “official pop album.”

See for yourself…

Anyway, a portion of her audience just isn’t having it and are sounding off in the YouTube comments section. Granted the comments section of any YouTube video is like, the last vestige of credibility on the Internet, but we can’t help but hear them loud and clear, begging the question: Is the tide turning for Taylor?

For starters, there’s just straight up confusion all around.


The biggest gripe being that it’s not at all country music or country music-inspired.


Some worry that she’s completely changed in general.


Because the new song is completely “meaningless.”


They also took issue with her dancing throughout.


And are afraid that because she included twerking, she’s going to pull a Miley.


A few have a more balanced understanding of her taking the pop route, they're just nostalgic for her earlier material.


Everyone just wants to feel moved by her music and wonder if they ever will again.