Why Jake Wasn't into Taylor Anymore

January 4, 2011 By:
Why Jake Wasn't into Taylor Anymore

Now that we’ve all cried alligator tears over the Jake Gyllenhaal- Taylor Swift breakup, it’s time for answers.

According to Us Magazine, it was more Jake’s doing than Taylor’s.

Sources say publicity and their age difference finally got to Gyllenhaal, who initiated the split—even though he was the one who wanted to date her in the first place.

Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal Over!

"Jake reached out to her and started all of this, but now he’s not acting as interested," says the insider.

"He said he wasn't feeling it anymore and was uncomfortable with all the attention they got," adds the source.

"He also said he could feel the age difference. Taylor is really upset. We told her not to move so fast with this but she didn't listen."

“Jake cares about her, but [the publicity] was a lot for him. He wants to keep his private life private, and that’s hard to do dating Taylor.”

According to the insider, Jake and Taylor split up prior to January 1, and rang in the New Year separately.

I mean…did anyone really think this was going to last?! He’s 30, and she’s 21…a very young 21 I might add. Taylor’s sweetness and naivety is what we all love about her, but that might get a little irritating after awhile for a dude.

We see TayTay getting together with someone a little younger, and who isn’t bothered by her superstardom.