The Wanted: Taylor Swift Needs To Stop Dating

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The Wanted: Taylor Swift Needs To Stop Dating
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The dudes who throw back handles of vodka with Lindsay Lohan are now giving love advice. That makes sense.

The Wanted sat down for an interview with E! News and when asked which one would like to date Taylor Swift now that she’s single and apparently has a thing for boy banders, Jay McGuiness proudly states, “I think she should stay single for a bit.”

That being said, Max George piped in, “She’s a very attractive girl, [but] I’m just a bit short for her.”

Then Taylor’s love life became the subject of a couple off-color jokes, “Maybe she can write a whole album about [being single]?”

I’m not gonna say they’re right, but I’m not gonna say they’re NOT right either.

Of course, the interview turned to talk about Lindsay Lohan because duh, Max George was totally “hanging out” with her and by “hanging out” I mean…

“She was good to party with, but there’s definitely not going to be babies on the horizon,” Max joked.

Oh gawd, let’s hope not! 

But back to Taylor Swift. She stepped out to the People’s Choice Awards solo last night and absolutely wowed in a floor length white gown. If the goal was to make Harry jealous, it's working. 

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