Taylor Swift's Underwear Worries

November 10, 2008 By:
Taylor Swift's Underwear Worries

It's hard enough becoming such a huge household name when you're still just trying to be a normal teenager in the process, for breakout country star Taylor Swift, the tricky part is going shopping and hoping to be left alone.

In an upcoming interview with Women's Health magazine, Taylor talked about a trip she took to Victoria's Secret where she found herself in an awkward situation.

She said, "I look up and there are, like, 15 people looking at me, with camera phones out, waiting to take a picture of which kind of underwear I'm going to buy. 'Think she's a small or an extra small?' I wanted to be like, 'Uh, guys? I can hear you!' "

Maybe next time she should think about getting her shopping done online.