Taylor Swift's New Boyfriend Already Got A Tattoo For Her

October 31, 2012 By:
Taylor Swift's New Boyfriend Already Got A Tattoo For Her

Taylor Swift broke up with Conor Kennedy, what, like a second ago? And she reportedly already has a new boyfriend!?

It’s like she’ll date any guy who makes eye contact with her the longest!

Anyways, this new beau rumor isn’t confirmed, but several outlets are reporting that Tay Tay is growing “increasingly close” to 21-year-old British singer Ed Sheeran and the guy just got some interesting new tattoo art.

This is a Twitpic of Ed’s arm with a “RED” tattoo, aka the name of Taylor Swift’s new album. It’s in the same exact font and color as hers too, and it’s a new tat for the singer, so it’s not like he’s just had a random “RED” tattoo already on his arm. 

Ok, so that’s weird, right?

Taylor and Ed teamed up for ONE song on Taylor’s album,  the song “Everything Has Changed” and since Taylor ONLY sings about relationships, I wouldn’t be surprised if these two turned their music relationship into a real one.

Ed’s also been tweeting congratulatory words to Taylor like, “Congrats to @taylorswift13 for selling 1.2 million albums in a week, orrrsssuuummmm.”

Maybe he just has a little crush on her? But the RED tattoo is still a bit weird. He reportedly got the ink done on Sunday.

Ed will be going on tour with Taylor beginning in 2013 and just last month he told an Australia paper, “Taylor’s such a sweetheart. [She’s] the perfect example of what musicians should be and how they should work and react. She just loves music and she’s not in it for anything else.”

If they aren’t dating, Ed just has a mad crush on Taylor.