Taylor Swift's Lonely Life

May 3, 2010 By:
Taylor Swift's Lonely Life

Taylor Swift is easily one of the most famous singers on the planet. She can't even go to a grocery store without getting mobbed by hundreds if not thousands of fans. So why is she so "lonely"?

Taylor confesses that while having fame and fortune is great, what she's really lacking in her life are real friends.

“In middle school and junior high, all my friends ditched me, so I was really lonely,” she said. I was doing different things at the weekend and I wasn’t part of the gang any more. I just wanted to play shows and I think it got really irritating to them.

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She added, “It’s weird, I thought I’d have so many more friends now but I feel like I’m less popular than I’ve ever been. My best friend is Abigail and we’ve been friends since I was 15.”

“I’ve never really been popular with the boys,” she added. “I had my first boyfriend when I was 15 and we dated each other for about a year, then I was perpetually single after that.”

If she wasn't rich, famous and absolutely gorgeous we would have a little bit of sympathy for her. But she's literally on top of the world now and probably doesn't even have time to be social with friends. Guess that’s the price you pay for fame. Would you trade your friends in for fame and fortune?