Taylor Swift's Friends Blame Her For Failed Relationships

November 8, 2012 By:
Taylor Swift's Friends Blame Her For Failed Relationships
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Taylor Swift covers the newest issue of Us Weekly and it features a VERY alarming caption that reads, “Taylor Swift: Why She Can’t Find Love.”

Ouch, why don’t you just position her next to three cats and give her an eharmony.com profile!

It’s obvious that the tabloid world is making T-Swift out to be the next Jennifer Aniston, but even Taylor’s friends are calling her a lousy romantic and blaming her for all her short-lived failed relationships!

A close friend of Taylor told the magazine, “All Taylor wants is to be loved. She's a prisoner of her work. It takes up all of her time. She overworks relationships. She puts so much pressure on them, it ultimately kills the deal. Then she's baffled as to why it didn't work.”

Can I make a suggestion? If Taylor ISN’T in a relationship, she has nothing to sing about? Could it be that she’s just running through men because she’s a savvy businesswoman?

"It's like she's analyzing love like a scientist, rather than just feeling it. It's ironic that she is a multimillionaire from singing about love,” added the friend.

In Taylor’s defense, half of her songs ARE break-ups songs, so it’s not like she’s writing love notes and then breaking up with guys before the album is even released. OK SHE TOTALLY DOES THAT, I’m running out of excuses to support T-Swift now.

As for Taylor, she recently told Cosmopolitan magazine that she had it all figured out when it came to men.

“My advice about guys has to do with how you prioritize them. They can be a part of your life but never let the guy BE your life. They can live in your world, but never make the guy your world,” Taylor revealed.

It’s interesting how she doesn’t take her own advice.