Taylor Swift Won't Marry Young

November 30, 2012 By:
Taylor Swift Won't Marry Young

Taylor Swift is talking about love again! I love when she does that!

Despite Taylor’s habit of falling in love quickly and singing about it, Taylor says she has no desire to marry young and wants to enjoy her twenties.

Translation: PARTAAYYY!

“People think I want to get married really young – I don’t know why,” she tells Parade magazine, “I’m a romantic person, but that doesn’t mean I want to miss out on being in my young 20s.”

Oprah would approve, who told Justin Bieber he cannot get married by age 25.

Taylor also admits that while she may sing about LOVE a lot, she realizes that she probably wasn’t in love during any of those relationships.

“I tend to think things are love and then look back and reevaluate,” says the singer.

The interviewer asked her how many times she’s actually been in-love and Taylor responded, “I know how many people I’ve said ‘I love you’ to. I could probably count it up, but I don’t feel like it.”

HA. I love how blunt Taylor is. She doesn’t “feel like it,” you guys!

Taylor’s famous last words?

“If I end up getting married and having kids, that’s when I’ll know it’s real – because it lasted.”


Last we checked, Taylor is dating Harry Styles of One Direction after they were spotted being flirty backstage at an “X Factor” show.

They haven’t been seen together since, but we’re still on high-alert for this maybe-couple.