Taylor Swift Upstages Ingrid Michaelson AT HER OWN CONCERT

July 31, 2014 By:
Taylor Swift Upstages Ingrid Michaelson AT HER OWN CONCERT
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Attention anyone who is a singer, never invite Taylor Swift onstage with you, for TayLORD will upstage you and you can never come back from it.

Exhibit A: Ingrid Michaelson’s concert last night.  

Remember Ingrid Michaelson? She had that song “The Way I Am” and it was cool for like, a second in 2007?


Anyways, she had a concert in New York and Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss were in attendance.



Ingrid pulled Taylor onstage and naturally Taylor just HAD TO DANCE.


But the thing about Taylor Swift is she pulls focus wherever she goes.

Which of these people is Ingrid? Who is the actual headliner? Cuz all we see is Taylor Swift giving sass for days and days. 


Sorry, but this just turned into a Taylor Swift concert.



Taylor is the real performer on that stage.


We don’t even know what song this is...

But we sure as hell can pick Taylor Swift out of that crowd.


Even when she’s trying to NOT pull focus on the side of the stage...

She STILL stands out.


Sorry, Ingrid Michaelson, wherever you are...

But Taylor just stole your show.