Taylor Swift to Guest Star on CSI

January 13, 2009 By:
Taylor Swift to Guest Star on CSI

Taylor Swift is unstoppable right now! She’s been at the top of the charts with her album Fearless, she just played Saturday Night Live, and now she’s landing TV roles!

Access Hollywood reports that Taylor has landed herself a part on CSI. She’ll play Haley Jones, a teenager whose family runs a shady motel in Vegas. Serious changes within her family begin to affect her life, and the consequences are not good!

This is Taylor’s first time acting, and we think she’ll be a natural. She was great on Saturday Night Live with her cameo as little orphan Annie in one of the skits, and all of her music videos involve acting to some degree.

Taylor also told Access she started out doing children’s theater, and would always do little sketches for onstage. She’s a natural!