Taylor Swift Sued for Screwing Over Canadian Fans

February 18, 2013 By:
Taylor Swift Sued for Screwing Over Canadian Fans
Image By: Splash News

Taylor Swift is being sued for cancelling a show in Canada. Based on a new story that is being sharted out across the Internet, Tay Tay skipped a hoedown performance in Ottawa but cashed the check anyway.

TMZ reports that, back in August of 2012, the singer was on slate to perform at Capital Hoedown. She was paid $2.5 mil upfront for the appearance, backed out, but forgot to return the money.

In Taylor's defense that $2.5 million could have gotten misplaced amongst her other hundreds of millions of dollars.

To make matters worse, Taylor’s abandoning of the fest caused the hoedown to be cancelled altogether.

A lawsuit was filed in federal court in New York (not sure how we got from Ottawa to NY in this story, but OK) by the ticket company, which had to refund $1.8 million in ticket sales, demanding the singer pay up.

Perhaps the most interesting story to come out of this headline is that even when Taylor doesn’t show up to her gigs, she still makes $700,000…

On Taylor’s side of the fence, her lawyer claims that no such deal was ever made and the ticket company can shove their $1.8 million claim up their hoedown-having holes.