Taylor Swift Steals The Show From Harry Styles

February 21, 2013 By:
Taylor Swift Steals The Show From Harry Styles
Image By: wenn.com

Both Taylor Swift and her former lover Harry Styles performed at the Brit Awards last night and even though Harry had the homecourt advantage, Taylor completely stole the show from Harry and his back-up minions.

Taylor performed “I Knew You Were Trouble” in a white wedding dress (she really needs to quit the wedding fairytale theme, it’s depressing) and eventually ripped off her gown to reveal a black jumpsuit with short-shorts.

This is a Taylor we rarely see. Whipping her hair around and dancing like a trashy Katy Perry, it’s hard to believe just a year ago, Taylor was strumming a banjo and singing country songs. 

So Taylor’s performance shut down the house, and it’s not that Harry and his 1D band mates didn’t deliver, but is it just us or are you sick of One Direction just bopping around onstage and giving audience members high fives? Play an instrument, or something!

Anyways, rumor has it that great lengths were taken to keep Taylor and Harry away from one another backstage.

Apparently Taylor was walking backstage and passed by Harry so her security guard yelled out “look left” so that Taylor could pass by Harry without making eye contact at all.

That’s so annoying, they’re adults who dated for two months!

Continuing the middle school dramalogue, Taylor flirted the night away with UK R&B star Jordan Stephens, who is the Chris Brown of the UK, minus the violent back-story.

If Taylor tried to make Harry jealous, it wasn’t working. He was reportedly at an entirely different after party and was spotted talking to a group of girls for about half an hour.

However, Harry DID talk to Mail Online at the party and gushed over Taylor’s set, saying, “I thought her performance was really good, she looked great.”