Taylor Swift Sings About Kanye at MTV VMA Awards

September 13, 2010 By:
Taylor Swift Sings About Kanye at MTV VMA Awards

Last year Kanye West stole Taylor Swift's spotlight, but this year she commanded our attention--and she got it in a big way.

During a "surprise" performance, Taylor debuted a brand-new song that was presumably written for Kanye.

Right before she began her performance, a video montage of Kanye's now infamous 2009 VMA stunt played on the screen behind her.

"Lost your balance on the tight rope/it's never too late to get it back," she sang.

"Today is never too late to be brand new," she added, suggesting he clean his act up. "You have new Septembers," she sang. "Everyone one of us has messed up, too."

She seems to be saying Kanye “lost [his] balance on a tightrope” and “lost [his] mind trying to get it back” and also “who you are is not where you’ve been,” thus he is “still an innocent.”

But perhaps the biggest clue was when she said, “32 is still growing up now.”

Go Taylor! She stayed quiet for a year and finally got her moment to not talk, but sing about it. Check out her special performance below...