Taylor Swift Sells Nashville Home for $1.45 Million

July 16, 2011 By:
Taylor Swift Sells Nashville Home for $1.45 Million

Taylor Swift is putting her $1.45 million Nashville mansion back on the market. She’s barely lived there a year, having bought the house for $1.4 mil last September.

In terms of celebrity homes, this one is actually quite small (in comparison). The “mansion” if you want call it that, only has 4 bedrooms. Compared to what the Osbournes just sold in LA, their house had like 10 bedrooms and probably a water park in the backyard.

Swifts pad includes: 5,000 square-feet, 5 bathrooms (ok now we’re talking), gardens, water fountain and an outdoor fireplace.

It’s not like she needs the place. She already has a penthouse in the same city and a three-bedroom home nearby that her parents live in that she pays for. She also has a $3.35 million home in Beverly Hills.

Selling a million dollar home for only $50,000 more than what you paid is kind of a bad investment, but then again she’s only 21. Taylor Swift only claims to be an expert on falling in love, not real estate.

Besides, Swift likes making mistakes because then she has something to write songs about…”I accidentally bought a house I didn’t need… la la la… and a year later I sold it but didn’t make much profit…and then I feel in love with the realtor…la la la….and then he broke my heart..la la la.”