Taylor Swift’s Valentine's Day Plans Revealed

February 7, 2013 By:
Taylor Swift’s Valentine's Day Plans Revealed
Image By: Twitter

Taylor Swift doesn’t have a boyfriend this Valentine’s Day, so we assume she’s just going to see that new Josh Duhamel movie alone and feel sorry for herself, I mean, what are we talking about, kidding!

Taylor talked to Ryan Seacrest about her actual V-Day plans saying she’ll be “with my friends or rehearsing” before adding, “I don’t think I’d rather be anywhere else, to be honest.”

Well, we don’t like that answer, so we came up with our own options for Taylor’s very special Valentines day.

What will hope Taylor Swift will be doing on Valentine’s Day:

1)   Antiquing: Taylor reportedly bored Harry Styles out of a relationship because of her obsession with antiques. Taylor better take advantage of her single status and buy up all the antiques she can now!

2)   Breakfast at midnight: Have you heard Taylor’s song “22?” It’s basically a single girl anthem. The song tells stories of “falling in love with strangers,” “dressing up like hipsters,” and “breakfast at midnight.” Taylor will be LIVING that song all V-day.

3)   Browsing Local Real Estate: Taylor has something like four houses and was rumored to be buying another when she was dating Harry Styles to be closer to him and bought a house near ex Conor Kennedy. It’s clear this girl is into flipping house. Either that or stalking her boyfriends.

4)   Getting A Match.com profile: Taylor, we think it’s time.

5)   Trying New Shades Of Lipstick: I get that her album is called “Red,” but Tay really needs to get into some new shades of lipstick besides bright red.

6)   Thanking Her Fans: Taylor’s favorite pastime besides collecting boyfriends is thanking her fans. 90% of her tweets have the words “thank” “you” and “fans” involved somehow. The other 10% are about cats and/or being tired.

7)   Going Back To December: Hey, she did say she “goes back to December, all the time.”

8)   Riding On A Sad Boat Alone: Check the photo up above. We had to do it. We had to.

9)    Being Shocked: Oh my God, Taylor Swift is always so shocked! OMG I just won entertainer of the year AGAIN!? Even though I win every year? I’m SOO shocked! This is crazy! It’s Valentine’s Day! OMG I can’t believe it!

10)  Hating On Ex-Boyfriends: Tay is probably throwing darts at a photo of Harry Styles or putting pins into a voodoo doll of Jake Gyllenhaal. She’s not exactly quiet about her break-ups, we all know about Joe Jonas’ ten second phone call break-up, it’s no secret she doesn’t end things amicably.