Taylor Swift's Secret Hookups

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Taylor Swift's Secret Hookups
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We all know that Taylor Swift has a tendency to date any Hollywood dude with a pulse. But how about Taylor Swift, the under the radar dater?

While it doesn’t exactly sound like her style, here are five rumored relationships that Taylor has been involved in over the years…

1. Tyson Ritter: This is the most recent of the secret Taylor relationship rumors. After falling for her charms briefly, the All-American Rejects front man left her high and dry.

“He wasn’t into her world and hurt her,” a source said. “He just stopped calling.”

2. Nashville College Student: In November 2012, gossip hit the web that Taylor was sneaking around with a college kid from Nashville.

“Her friends were proud of her for trying to date a normal dude,” a friend said at the time. "And trying to be part of the local college scene like someone her age would be doing.”

Unfortunately, relationships with regular guys her own age don’t work out any better than her relationships with famous 17-year-olds.

3. Lucas Till: This fine fellow was featured in Taylor’s video “You Belong to Me.” Apparently, their chemistry was so good on screen that they continued it after the cameras stopped rolling.

Lucas told MTV News that Tay Tay was a way better kisser than Miley Cyrus.

4. Cory Monteith: In 2010, Taylor was connected to “Glee” star Cory Monteith. And, because the world is just cruel, dating the country music crossover would have made him way more famous than the FOX series ever could.

5. Eddie Redmayne: It was short-lived, but nevertheless Taylor and the Les Mis actor shared a romantic moment together.

“They hung out in New York City with the movie's execs,” a source said. “And Taylor developed feelings for him fast.”

Taylor auditioned for the musical, she didn’t get it, and Eddie moved onto better things—like dating pretty much anybody else.