Taylor Swift’s Rapunzel Ad for Disney Is Eerily Appropriate

January 24, 2013 By:
Taylor Swift’s Rapunzel Ad for Disney Is Eerily Appropriate

Taylor Swift is the newest celebrity to pose for the Disneyland Disney Dream Portrait series and as life sometimes imitates art, Tay Tay is posing as Rapunzel.

Quick refresher, Rapunzel is the chick with the long hair locked up in the tower who had a million suitors try--and fail--to climb up her golden mane and win over her heart. Girl was mad unlucky in love, is what we're trying to say.

Sound like anyone you know..hint hint wink wink TAYLOR SWIFT.

The photo is gorgeous, by the way, and photographed by the talented Annie Leibovitz.

The caption reads, “Where a world of adventure awaits” as Taylor perches on the ledge of a tower, staring sadly into the distance, waiting for the day when her Prince Charming will arrive.

If Rapunzel wrote country-pop songs about failed relationships, that would just be freakishly similar.

Last we checked, Taylor jetted off to London to stalk try and reunite with Harry Styles. Maybe he’ll be the one to climb her golden mane and break the curse. Ok, the Rapunzel comparisons end there…that was just weird.