Taylor Swift’s Longest Relationship Is With Her Cat

March 1, 2013 By:
Taylor Swift’s Longest Relationship Is With Her Cat
Image By: Splash News

Taylor Swift's longest human relationship is 3 months, but her longest relationship ever is about 1.3 years and it’s the one she has with her cat Meredith.

We don’t want to call Taylor a cat lady, but we’re calling her a cat lady.

Taylor just told some magazine called Tops of the Pops, “Meredith is such a cute cat - she looks like an owl. She's so chilled out. She's not impressed by anything. It's the one long-term relationship that I've had.”

But she’s not like a creepy hoarder cat lady who listens to Josh Groban or anything weird like that…Yet.

“I don't carry her in a purse or take her out to restaurants or anything like that, though. I'm not that kind of cat owner," says Taylor.

Oh, but then Tay Swift has us worried again, she also revealed, “I like watching YouTube videos of kittens and the app CatPaint, where you add cats to photographs. I CatPaint all my pictures.”

There really is no hope for Taylor anymore. That being said, her cat is ADORABLE.

Meredith is a Scottish Fold, which means her ears curve over. It's unbearably cute. Okay, we take back all the cat shade we threw at TayTay, we would watch YouTube videos of that cat.