Taylor Swift Reveals Her Dream Man

February 8, 2010 By:
Taylor Swift Reveals Her Dream Man

Taylor Swift is the hottest thing in show biz right now. The young singer, who just split from Taylor Lautner, stands at 5'11" and admits her heart skips a beat when she meets someone taller than her.

She said, “The bad thing about being tall is the majority of people are at a different eye level than you, and so you feel like you’re looking down to talk to people, which is kind of unnatural – looking down to talk to people, and they have to look way up to talk to you.

“It just depends on what group of people you’re around. If there are a few scattered tall people in the room or in the group of people that you’re talking to, it’s not awkward at all. But if you’re around a bunch of little, mini-people and you’re the only giant in the circle, it can be kind of interesting.”

So you gotta be tall for sure, but what else does she look for in a future mate? She added to America’s OK! magazine: “Somebody who has a compatible sense of humor with me, that would be the most important thing.”

Since her split from Lautner, she's been linked to John Mayer, but luckily that was just a bad rumor. Who do you think Taylor would be compatible with?