Taylor Swift on Dating Hiatus

January 18, 2011 By:
Taylor Swift on Dating Hiatus

Jake Gyllenhaal was the straw that broke the camel’s back for Taylor Swift.

Yep, she’s done with dating. At least for now. According to Popeater.com, Swift is pretty brokenhearted over her split with Jake, and wants to focus solely on her music before getting involved with another guy.

You know what that means…..cue the next breakup song!

Jake Dumped Taylor on the Phone

"Taylor is not exactly a loner, but she fares well on her own and will be fine if she doesn't hook up with a guy immediately, " a source close to Swift said.

Apparently the breakup happened riiiiight before Christmas, which is like the crappiest timing if you’re a girl. The holidays are all about cuddling with her honey, not crying into your eggnog!

"While people expected them to spend the Christmas holidays together, they were each photographed separately in different cities," added the source. "It looked like things didn't work out."

The good thing about this is that you know Taylor is pumping out the next huge hit of hers. She’s too sweet to go boyfriend-less for too long….keep your head up, girl!