Taylor Swift in Talks to Play Supergirl

December 16, 2009 By:
Taylor Swift in Talks to Play Supergirl

Taylor Swift is already a super girl in her own right, but she may be playing the role of the comic book hero in the near future! Sources say the singing sensation is up for the lead role in Supergirl! The Love Story.

Hollywood producers are reportedly very interested in Taylor playing the Girl of Steel for the remake of the 1984 movie, which was actually a big flop at the box office.

Supergirl - alias Kara Zor-El – first appeared in comic books in 1959. Helen Slater played the role in the movie — a spin-off of the popular Superman film series, which starred Christopher Reeves.

An industry insider says, “Hollywood is short of female heroes and the time is right for a new Supergirl. A number of young stars are being mentioned for the title role in a Supergirl movie and possible TV spin-off and Taylor is top of that list. She has all the right elements to be a positive role model to young girls.”

Taylor is no stranger to film work—she’s part of the star-studded cast of Valentine’s Day, out this February!