Taylor Swift Gets Called Out With Epic Burn on "Jeopardy!"

March 15, 2013 By:
Taylor Swift Gets Called Out With Epic Burn on

Move over, Harry Styles.

Because Taylor Swift undoubtedly already has a guitar in hand and her songwriting sights set on another Public Enemy #1 and it's not who you'd expect: What is "Jeopardy!" host Alex Trebek?

Refer to this clue from the game show to help you focus your crosshairs:"2009's BEST FEMALE COUNTRY VOCAL WENT TO HER FOR "WHITE HORSE", WHERE (SHOCKER!) SHE GOES OFF ON AN EX-BOYFRIEND."

If you didn't know to buzz in and reply "Who is Taylor Swift?" then congratulations, Mr./Ms. Well Adjusted Human Being. You have managed to successfully avoid all forms of print, television, and Internet for the past five months.

The topical question/clue appeared on yesterday's episode of the trivia show—with a whole lotta of sass! Watch yourself, "Jeopardy!"—and yeah…you know it might be time to reevaluate your media image when a stuffy game show that tips the Nielsen scale on retirement communities all across Florida is taking jabs at your public image.

Furthermore, who knew walking teleprompter reader Alex Trebek had it in him? By that I mean a pulse and personality. Adding to the irony of this Taylor-Media-Trebek love triangle is that for any red-blooded single woman, Alex's joke makes him like, 15% more attractive. Hope Alex and all the ladies lining up at his office door have a swell date...IN HELL!