Taylor Swift Drops $66K on 1 Month Boyfriend Harry Styles

December 18, 2012 By:
Taylor Swift Drops $66K on 1 Month Boyfriend Harry Styles

Taylor Swift is apparently determined to prove the love she has for her new cub lover. So much so that she is prepared to drop top dollar on his Christmas gift.

Tay Tay is reportedly spending £50,000 on Beatles memorabilia that she plans to give to One Direction’s Harry Styles for the holiday. In “Amurika”-talk, that rounds out to a solid $66 thousand.

A source reveals the info to the UK’s Daily Star.

“Harry spent £900 on Taylor for her recent birthday and now she wants to repay the favor — and then some,” the source said. “She's been phoning Beatles stores in Liverpool hoping to find pieces of rare autographed memorabilia she knows Harry will love.”

A staffer at one of those shops confirms the value of Taylor’s expected purchase, saying that Taylor “wanted to spend somewhere between £40,000 and £50,000.”

I hope Harry’s as big of a Beatles fan as Taylor apparently thinks he is…

That “£900” of gifts that Harry reportedly splashed on his gal earlier this month can be attributed to a Jimmy Choo handbag, antique earrings, a vintage picture frame with their photo, and expensive perfume.

Due to One Direction’s super success and foreign accents, comparisons to the iconic British group of the past. Rightly so, Harry called the association “ridiculous.”

“We watched that film of The Beatles when they touched down in America and saw a likeness with our personalities,” he previously said. “They loved having a laugh like us.”