Taylor Swift Dissed by Victoria’s Secret Model

November 15, 2013 By:
Taylor Swift Dissed by Victoria’s Secret Model
Image By: Getty Images / Kevin Kane

Oh no they didn’t!

Taylor Swift performed at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show earlier this week and while some of us are all pro-Taylor like “omg, girl you could be a model too!” some of the VS angels weren’t happy to share the stage with Tay Tay.

Jessica Hart, a newbie angel, told Women’s Wear Daily that she wasn’t a fan of Taylor’s performance.

“I think, you know what, God bless her heart. I think she’s great, but I don’t know, to me, she didn’t fit. I don’t know if I should say that,” said the obviously NOT PR-trained model.

What does that mean? “She didn’t fit.”

Jessica continued, “I think what you find is that for a lot of us, we’ve been working for 14, 15 years, what it takes to make it here comes from experience and confidence and knowing how to be confident with yourself.”

Like we said, what does that mean?

Whatever. Jessica Hart is just jealous that Taylor is skinny AND can sing!