Taylor Swift Dating Conor Kennedy – Moving In Next Door?

July 31, 2012 By:
Taylor Swift Dating Conor Kennedy – Moving In Next Door?

Taylor Swift is getting cozy with Robert F. Kennedy’s grandson, Conor Kennedy.

At first glance, I thought Taylor Swift was walking with her little brother, but check the hand holding, that’s her teenage boyfriend.

Conor Kennedy, 18, and Taylor Swift, 22, have been flaunting their relationship while Taylor vacations with the Kennedy clan at their Cape Cod compound (Kape Kod Kompound? No, just a Kardashian thing? Ok). Taylor was spotted on vacation with the Kennedys earlier this month, but this is the first news that she's actually dating the young Kennedy offspring.

T-Swift and Conor were spotted at the Hyannis Port Yacht Club going sailing. They were snapped grabbing a pizza, and later they were chowing down at Dunkin Donuts and getting grub at Baxter’s and British Beer Company in Hyannis.

Taylor seems like she’s moved in with Conor, but alas she’s a “good friend” of the family and is staying with the whole Kennedy clan, even spotted going to Sunday Mass with the famously catholic Kennedys. No word if she met Conor and he invited her to vacation with the family, or if Taylor was friends with the famous Kennedy family, vacationed with them, and then decided to hook-up with Conor because he’s the only guy at the vacation home.

According to LaineyGossip.com, Taylor has even put an offer in on a property next to the Kennedy family compound. She must really LOVE Massachusetts or she’s moving way too fast with her boyfriend of less than 4 weeks.

During their whole week-long PDA fest, the couple were seen “kissing, holding hands and getting extremely ‘touchy-feely,’” a witness told the NY Post.

This is Taylor’s third public sighting this month. Last week they had pizza in Mount Kisco. They celebrated the Fourth of July in Hyannis Port were she was also seen hugging Patrick Schwarzenegger, spurning rumors that she was actually dating the Schwarzenegger boy.

Anyways, check the pictures here [http://www.nypost.com/p/pagesix/celebrity_photos/exclusive_conor_kennedy....

I can’t understand how you can date someone who isn’t legal to drink? Also, how do you go from dating Jake Gyllenhaal and John Mayer to a boy who is just old enough to finally vote? Celebrities…they are NOT like us.