Taylor Swift Blesses Fans on Another Epic NY Stroll

July 14, 2014 By:
Taylor Swift Blesses Fans on Another Epic NY Stroll
Image By: wenn.com

Taylor Swift, our lawd and savior, floated through New York on another epic saunter of flawlessness and stopped to grace the regulars.


Taylor emerges from her apartment, literally personifying perfection.



She is approached by a fan.

“What’s that?” she asks.


“Can I have a pic and a hug and oh my God Taylor you’re my idol so hashtag fearless oh my God!”


“Yes, my child.”


Soon she’s out of there, but first she must fix her hair because the paparazzi are relentless.


Taylor decides it’s TOO HOT for that blazer.

And continues her ascent of awesome with it thrown over one shoulder. Très chic.


Oh wait, it’s TOO COLD now.

She wants her jacket back.


Stomp stomp stomp.

The beauty trek continues.


Oh what now? Another peasant.

“Let the light of my beatific face grace your Instagram forever,” Taylor seems to say.


Quick purse check to make sure nothing is missing.


Good. Onward and upward.


Thank you Taylor.