Taylor Swift And Kanye West to Reunite at VMAs

August 20, 2010 By:
Taylor Swift And Kanye West to Reunite at VMAs

Taylor Swift and Kanye West haven’t exactly been running in the same circles since last year’s VMAs. But they may be reuniting at the upcoming show!

Host of next month’s VMAs Chelsea Handler talked to Ryan Seacrest this morning and told him she plans on orchestrating a meet-up between the two.

"I'd like to get them together," Handler told Seacrest. "We've never really seen them together since then. They were supposed to be together on SNL, but then that didn't end up happening."

Taylor said at the time, "I was standing on stage and I was really excited because I'd just won the award and then I was really excited because Kanye West was on stage. And then I wasn't excited anymore after that."

Handler added, "We'll try to think of something clever to do with them, because that would be really fun."

You know Chelsea—she’s really into pranks and stirring the pot! We admit, it would be really funny to see them back on stage together!