Taylor Swift To Awkwardly Relive Her Own Song With Harry Styles

January 23, 2013 By:
Taylor Swift To Awkwardly Relive Her Own Song With Harry Styles
Image By: wenn.com

Yesterday we reported that Taylor Swift randomly jetted off to London for no reason other than trying to patch things up with Harry Styles.

Of course when you’re famous, getting “closure” means flying across the globe via private jet to have a talk that probably could have been completely via Skype.

Anyways, it's unclear if Taylor's London trip was successful, but apparently the two are going to reunite at the NRJ Music Awards in Cannes on Saturday night which could potentially play out exactly like one of Swifty's most famous songs and here's why.

UK tabloid The Mirror reports that the two are staying at the same hotel for the awards show, which could be a sign that they are back together OR that all the guests just stay at the same nearby hotel. We could really be reading way too much into this, but what's important here is that Taylor and Harry reuniting at the awards show is exactly like her song, "The Story Of Us" which was written about running into an ex-boyfriend at an awards show. 

The song lyrics to "The Story Of Us" include:

Now I'm standing alone in a crowded room and we're not speaking.

And I'm dying to know is it killing you like it's killing me, yeah?

How'd we end up this way?

See me nervously pulling at my clothes and trying to look busy,

And you're doing your best to avoid me.

I'm starting to think one day I'll tell the story of us,

How I was losing my mind when I saw you here,

But you held your pride like you should've held me.

If Taylor and Harry haven't patched things up by Saturday, she really WILL be, "standing alone in a crowded room" while Harry will be "doing [his] best to avoid" her and Taylor will recount the time she ran into Harry at an awards show and how she was "loosing [her] mind when [she] saw [him] there."

If Taylor has her way, she’s gonna wrangle that 18-year-old boy back into her heart. Why else did she fly all the way out to London and stay at a hotel right near Harry’s house? Coincidental vacation? We think not. Also, why is she going to the NRJ Music Awards? It's a French music show and she's never attended in the past. Oh Tay Tay, we really don't want to hear "The Story Of Us: Part 2."