Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy's Snooze-Fest of a Date Night

October 2, 2012 By:
Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy's Snooze-Fest of a Date Night

Conor Kennedy and Taylor Swift were spotted hitting up the town in Deerfield, Massachusetts together. But, rather than lighting up the scene, the latest and great Hollywood couple seemed to strap on their loafers and savor the early bird special.

Perez Hilton pegs the couple having an early dinner, before taking to the area’s antiques scene.

According to the report, Taylor and Conor visited Old Station Antiques. One of the shop’s employees describes their interactions with the staff as “very nice and a little bit shy.”

Wow, kids… Talk about living it up!

I’m not really sure how you even follow that up… A trip to Walmart for a new jigsaw puzzle and undershirts, followed by a trip to the Bingo hall?

But, really, with Taylor being such a small town girl, is this really a surprise?

Maybe this is proof that the couple is settling down. She did buy a house across the street from his family’s Cape Cod estate, after all…

As Hollyscoop previously reported, Taylor and Conor were recently spotted on a similar outing together.

Last month, the couple was seen enjoying lunch at Taylor’s Tavern in Greenfield, Massachusetts, just north of Deerfield.

“They came in for lunch,” Taylor Tavern’s manager told Hollyscoop. “It was three of them. Taylor, Conor and her bodyguard. The bodyguard sat at the bar and let them enjoy their meal together.”

Per their senior citizen tendencies, the couple also stopped by Old Station Antiques on that date too…