Taylor Swift And Conor Kennedy Spotted In Nashville

August 13, 2012 By:
Taylor Swift And Conor Kennedy Spotted In Nashville

Taylor Swift, the closest thing America has to an official princess, and Conor Kennedy, the dashing 18-year-old son of the family often referred to as ‘American royalty,’ have made it BBQ official: the couple were spotted at Edley’s BBQ in Nashville last Thursday, eating dinner and hanging out like a mortal human couple.

A bunch of fans took pictures with Taylor, who posed sportingly, and according to a source who was there, most of the quivering teenage girls didn’t know who Kennedy was and asked him to take the pictures, thus depriving the world of a picture to analyze their smiles, hand placement and posture.

An eyewitness tells Hollyscoop, It was Taylor's first time in here for sure. She seemed very relaxed. Very calm. They were very cute together and only really paid attention to each other, aside for posing for pictures that people took. They were really cool about it. They sat across from each other and acted flirty. She was smiling at him a lot."

We also don’t know yet if Conor met Taylor’s parents, yet, but as they were in Nashville together it would be odd if he didn’t.

On Sunday, Taylor was spotted playing volleyball and going swimming with Conor and his family at their Hyannis compound, and hanging around with Conor’s dad, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Taylor just bought a house in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, just across the street from Conor Kennedy’s grandma Ethel’s house. A realtor confirmed to People that Swift had purchased the 13-room house for $4.9 million.

The Kennedys certainly seem to approve of Swift, too—Rory, Ethel’s daughter and Conor’s aunt, called Taylor “a great friend of all of ours,” and also told ABC news that Taylor “really just loves my mother (Ethel), which is so sweet. I'm a huge fan of hers – I have young girls and we had been to a few of her concerts."

When asked if she would approve of Taylor’s marriage in to the fam, Ethel gave the adorable grandma answer we all hope for: “We should be so lucky.”

The budding romance has all the makings of a Grace Kelly caliber fairy tale love story.