Taylor and Jake Meet the Parents

December 2, 2010 By:
Taylor and Jake Meet the Parents

Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal pulled a fast one on us.

Apparently things are going so great between them they've already met each other's families. That was quick!

Taylor reportedly canceled Thanksgiving plans with her family in order to spend it with Jake's in NYC. After their weekend on the east coast, they both jetted off to Nashville where Jake meet Taylor's fam.

A source said: “Jake invited her to New York for Thanksgiving. It wasn’t planned in advance, but she said, ‘Why not? I can do it, and I’m going.’ Her parents weren’t thrilled, but she explained to them that she gets to see them all the time and wasn’t able to spend much time with Jake during the publicity madness. She loves his family and he loves hers.”

Sounds like they've graduated from apple picking and coffee dates to full blown family affairs. Who knew they were so serious?! Do you think they'll last or is it a winter romance?