Video: Samuel L. Jackson Sings Taylor Swift’s Song

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Video: Samuel L. Jackson Sings Taylor Swift’s Song
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Happy Hump Day, readers… Here’s Samuel L. Jackson singing, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”

Samuel L. Jackson is apparently so upset that both the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and the Academy snubbed him for his supporting role in Django Unchained that he has given up acting altogether and moved on to a solo recording artist career.

The Badass Muthaf—ker made an appearance on 95.8 Capital London Breakfast Show when he unveiled his newest single: a cover of Taylor Swift's ballad to ex-boyfriends.

Let me repeat that: Samuel L. Jackson is singing Taylor Swift!

As expected with Jackson’s intensity, the new rendition comes with a rougher approach and plenty of cursing.

Jackson takes all of the sugarcoated poppy goodness out of Tay Tay’s track, because—let’s face it—there’s nothing fun about a break-up to begin with.

Instead, the actor-turned-pop princess infuses the missing lyrics with touches like, “you go talk to your dumbass friends, talk to my friends...” and “you lying, cheating piece of $#*!” in a monotone delivery that masterfully compliments the synthetic beats behind it.

As Gawker rightly points out, this isn’t the first time that Jackson has covered a female pop act either, going back to the 2012 BET Awards where he wore a pink wing and sang Nicki Minaj’s “Beez in the Trap.”

Check out Jackson singing Taylor here:

(Warning: There's bad words, kids)