Ranking Taylor Swift's On Stage Duets: From Wow to Random

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Ranking Taylor Swift's On Stage Duets: From Wow to Random
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Taylor Swift has friends in high places and she’s been parading them out all year during her Red tour.

As she brings her message of heartbreak and intense love lost through the heartland of America, Taylor’s teamed up with various singers, usually specific to whatever city she’s in. The result is a rousing spectrum of “Of course, that person” to “THAT person?!”


Ed Sheeran

These two write and sing and Instagram together all the time, so, like, totally DUH.


Carly Simon

Carly wrote a revenge pop hit called “You’re So Vain,” so the connection couldn’t be more clear.


Hunter Hayes

Taylor letting another up-and-coming country sensation shine was a great gesture.


Luke Bryan

Taylor goes back to her country roots with a little help from one of her inspirations.


Tegan and Sara

Taylor probably has some very exciting getting-dressed-for-a-party montages to this track.


Sara Bareilles

These two had big years with big singles, so to combine forces only makes perfect sense.


Cher Lloyd

Tongue-in-cheek lyrics bashing exes in the 21st century? Taylor Swift practically wrote the book on that!


Rascal Flatts

Taylor and her fans grew up with their music, so watching her bring it full circle on tour was a cool moment.


The Script

Taylor loves a heart-wrenching pop tune, so “Breakeven” was an inspired choice.


Ellie Goulding

Their duet of “Anything Can Happen” proved anything really can happen at a Taylor Swift concert.


Sam Smith

Taylor experimented with some dubstep-lite on Red, and bringing in Sam Smith only furthered her brush with electro, which was kind of random.


Tyler Glenn from Neon Trees

Who knew these two even knew each other?


Prince William

Okay, so this wasn’t technically on her RED tour, and while it fits with Taylor’s princess-y “Love Story” vibe, it’s still random that it came true.


Jennifer Lopez

T-Swift and J.Lo was by far the most random moment from the tour, but we’re so glad it happened.