One Direction To Collaborate With Taylor Swift?

December 10, 2012 By:
One Direction To Collaborate With Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift is dating One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles, which has One Direction fans literally frothing at the mouth (in a bad way), but now we’re hearing that the rest of the bandmates want to hook-up with Ms. Swift too...a musical hook-up that is.

Hollyscoop asked Louis Tomlinson and Zayne Malik at Jingle Ball in New York over the weekend if they would ever write a song with Swifty, “Yeah!” Says Louie, “I mean, she’s amazing at what she does, but there’s no talks of anything at the moment.”

Oh gawdd,  if this collaboration actually happens, this is going to cause One Directioners to start burning buildings and writing angry messages in the YouTube comment sections of Taylor Swift videos.

So there’s nothing confirmed yet, but the dudes would LOVE to make music with Taylor.

“There’s no plans as of yet and we’ve only just released our second album, so no,” adds Louie.

Oh and as for those rumors that One Direction was going to endorse a condom brand, it’s not true.

“We have no idea about that,” the guys told us.

We also asked the guys how they cope with mean comments about them, specifically the comments about Harry Styles fans who can’t stand the fact that he’s dating T-Swift.

“Ignore it,” says Louie.

“Just don’t read it,” says Niall.