Naughty vs. Nice: Celebrity Edition

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Naughty vs. Nice: Celebrity Edition
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As the story goes, Santa Claus created the idea of the “Naughty vs. Nice” list, which was a way for parents to get their kids to behave for a while. But honestly, some people are nice while others are just plain naughty. And we know WHO in Hollywood is getting coal in their overpriced Neiman Marcus stocking this year and who isn’t.

Lindsay Lohan vs. Britney Spears: Both ladies were huge stars and both spent time in rehab but only Lindsay is allegedly lying and commissioning her friends to beat up Barron Hilton. Britney may be a mess but at least she's a nice mess.

Demi Lovato vs. Miley Cyrus: Both girls started out as wholesome Disney starlets. Both went down drug-fueled paths. Only one went to rehab and stopped acting like a mess. Can you guess who's nice and who's naughty?

Charlie Sheen vs. George Clooney: They both joined the A-list at the same time and were poised to stay in the limelight for years. Uunfortunately for Charlie, he started doing drugs and living with hookers while George stayed as lovely and charming as ever.

Kelly Clarkson vs. LeAnn Rimes: We call this category, “pseudo country singers.” Kelly just got married and all she can do is gush about her stepkids and unborn child, whereas LeAnn slept with a married man and then proceeded to annoy the hell out of everyone with her Twitter account.

Drake vs. Chris Brown: This category is “former Rihanna lovers” and we think it’s obvious who is naughty and who is nice. Drake is practically crying in all of his songs and Chris Brown got kicked out of rehab for yelling at his mom.

Kristen Stewart vs. Jennifer Lawrence: This comparison is obvious. They are both stars of mega franchises and the go-to girls for indie movies but Kristen (NAUGHTY) cheated on her boyfriend and hates smiling while Jennifer Lawrence (NICE) is a body image she-warrior and everyone’s imaginary best friend.

Jay-Z vs. Kanye West: Jay-Z and Kanye are best friends and even recorded a whole album together but that’s where their similarities end. Jay-Z used to sell drugs and may have shot a dude, but he’s reformed now. It's possible that Kanye’s anger issues are just warming up.

Justin Bieber vs. Austin Mahone: Austin Mahone is the NEW Justin Bieber, but despite their musical similarities and bad taste in fashion, Austin doesn’t have a douchebag reputation just yet.