Kathie Lee Gifford Calls Out Taylor Swift

August 23, 2012 By:
Kathie Lee Gifford Calls Out Taylor Swift

Awwwsnap… It’s blonde versus blonde in the latest heated celebrity battle.

Following suit with what seems like the Kennedy women’s plans to trash Taylor Swift, talk show host Kathie Lee Gifford is backing her stepdaughter, Victoria’s claims that the country singer crashed a recent family wedding.

On August 18 Kyle Kennedy, the daughter of Victoria, married Liam Kerry. Since then, Victoria has insisted to the Boston Herald that Taylor – who is newly dating Conor Kennedy - crashed her little girl’s big day.

In a Thursday episode of “Today,” Kathie backed her stepdaughter’s claims, calling out the singer as a liar and a wedding crasher.

“Why can't I stay out of trouble? I was just a guest at that wedding. [Kyle] is actually my granddaughter by marriage,” she started.

She continued, adding, "The truth is, because I was there, Vicki's account is accurate."

According to the Herald’s story, Taylor’s denial to follow the family rules was clear and deliberate.

She says that Conor was invited to the wedding from the beginning, but failed to RSVP. As a result, no seat was saved…

“They texted me an hour before the wedding and asked if they could come,” Vicki Kennedy said. “I responded with a very clear, ‘Please do not come.’”

The couple came anyway and when Vicki went up to Taylor and told her to her face, she reportedly ignored her.

“It was like talking to a ghost,” Vicki continued. “She seemed to look right past me.”

As you can imagine, Taylor’s story reads a little differently, telling US Weekly that she “was invited to the wedding and the bride thanked her profusely for being there."

Somebody’s lying… Could this tarnish Taylor’s squeaky-clean finish?